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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  November 2, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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,,,, i'm frank mallicoat. unem >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. unemployment is up but there's job growth. today's government report just days before the election could make or break both campaigns. >> cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us the possible impact. there's still some undecided voters out there and these numbers, they could have some sway. >> reporter: that's because this is the last economic report we'll see before the
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election. today both candidates will use it for their campaign blitz to get those undecided voters. a sluggish economy has been a bone of contention. >> reporter: the president started his day in ohio with better-than-expected unemployment numbers. >> this morning we learned that companies hired more workers in october than at any time in the last eight months. >> reporter: employers added 171,000 new jobs in october, about 45,000 more than many analysts anticipated. the labor department says hiring over the summer was better than previously thought. despite the improvement, the president is still facing high unemployment. because more americans are trying to find work, it ticked up from 7.8 to 7.9%. that's the highest number an incumbent president has faced on election day since franklin roosevelt. mitt romney says he will do a better job if he is elected. the republican nominee is spending the last few days of
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the campaign making that case in the battleground states. romney is in wisconsin and ohio today trying to pick up the few remaining undecided voters. >> and we asked them and you to look beyond the speeches and the attacks and the ads, look to the record. >> reporter: the race is tied in nine swing states. the latest polls also show the race tightening in pennsylvania, a state once thought to be easily in the president's win column. the romney campaign is making a late push to take pennsylvania. the republicans are spending three million dollars on campaign ads there and romney will visit the state on sunday. now, let's look at the markets right now. you can see that the dow is down just by 100 points. stock gave up that early gain despite a decent jobs report. that job is being attributed to traders assessing the potential costs of superstorm sandy. back to the campaign, president obama's camp is calling the gop's effort in pennsylvania an act of desperation.
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but the democrats plan to increase their spending on political ads in the state. reporting live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, cbs 5. support is growing to end california's death penalty. but backers of prop 34 still lack the majority needed to pass it. a new field poll shows 45% of california voters support the measure. that would make life in prison without parole the most severe punishment for state offenders. 38% say they oppose the measure while nearly one in five voters remains undecided. the latest field poll on proposition 30 shows it could still go either way. 48% of voters are in favor governor brown's tax plan. 38% oppose with the rest still undecided. prop 30 would increase the sales tax temporarily and raise income tax for those making more than a quarter million dollars a year. if prop 30 loses, it would trigger deep cuts to public education from elementary school up to universities. a man was killed while
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walking through a muni tunnel in san francisco today. the incident disrupted the muni metro much of the morning. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is at the montgomery station where service is back to normal. >> reporter: a lot of commuters are thankful because it was a mess this morning. but the investigation into that death continues right now. now muni says he may have actually been hit by two trains. in this dark muni tunnel at the montgomery street station an investigation into a man's death stopped trains on the tracks. it was 7:30 right in the middle of the morning commute. >> uhm, i guess i'm going to walk. >> reporter: thousands of people had to be rerouted. muni was stopping trains at castro and church streets and putting passengers on buses. >> there was a makeshift bus stop with barricades. had to get on a sardine bus and ride downtown. >> buses were very slow coming down market street because of the traffic jam caused by the
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problem here. >> reporter: trains were stopped for about three hours while police, firefighter and muni workers tried to figure out how the man was hit as he was walking through the tunnel. >> we're working with the police department to find out exactly what took place. >> reporter: it's illegal to be in that area, right? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: so how do you think he got this? >> that's one of the things we are going in to see how this person got in. and to see how the contact was made. >> reporter: now, the driver of the train or trains that may have hit this man are on administrative leave. they are undergoing drug and alcohol testing right now. they won't be driving until the results come back. live in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. >> thank you. police in san francisco are looking for a man who attacked a muni station agent. surveillance video from the van ness station on october 10 showing a man carrying a bike on the platform which by the way is not allowed. then kicks and punches the agent repeatedly. police believe there are
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witnesses to the attack who have not yet come forward. >> there is surveillance video taken via the moon transportation agency security cameras and there are witnesses on the platform watching this and if any of those folks have not yet had an opportunity to speak to investigators, we're asking them to come forward. >> that suspect was last seen on the corner of van ness and market. the 55-year-old agent was hospitalized with serious injuries and has not been able to go back to work yet. chp is patrolling the streets of oakland and stockton in operation impact. the crime-fighting project is lending extra officers to both cities' police department at no cost for the next three months. the chp will be in oakland two days a week patrolling high crime areas and helping with traffic enforcement. the shrinking oakland pd needs help after cutting about 200 officers in the past four years. answers to a 24-year-old bay area cold case are being delayed by lab work. a bone fragment found in san joaquin county this year may be
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from michaela garecht. the 9-year-old was kidnapped in 1988 in hayward. her mother has been told by the arizona lab that the dna results might not be in for another six weeks due to an undisclosed delay. two women have been found not guilty in connection with a fight at a giants game this year. two 19-year-old women were at at&t park this past april when they got into a fight with two other female fans. it started after one of the defendants apparently lit up a marijuana cigarette. in a shoving match that ensued an older woman fell an bruised her leg. the jury wasn't able to determine who started the fight. there is something missing in the plaza the benches. they have been removed after numerous complaints about the homeless sleeping on them. it's apparently the number 2 public complaint behind nudity. that's according to supervisor scott weiner. coming up next a big boost at a bay area retailer. >> how police say thieves got
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away with thousands in mere moments. >> and his music has touched millions. coming up how it's helping thousands learn english. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. looking pretty nice on this friday afternoon. a few clouds drifting overhead but do you believe we could see 80s this weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,
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ctim so if they're doing it to us they are doing it to other neighborhoods. >> the search is on for serial mail thieves in fairfield. one victim set up a surveillance camera and caught the couple on camera. this video shows a silver nissan altima pulling up in broad daylight, a woman then gets out and grabs the maybe. another victim had a mortgage check stolen which was copied and turned into fake payments that eventually drained her bank account. >> it has been a rough week for a popular lingerie shop at the stamford shopping center. >> that's right. thieves struck not once but twice and no, they were not
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there for cash. cbs 5 reporter kiet do has more on this brazen heist. >> reporter: as bra thefts go, it was a double d sized heist. the angel fantasy's pushup bra is one of the nicest ones at victoria's secret and the thieves stole 180 of them worth $11,000. >> oh, my god. that's shocking. >> reporter: employees tell us it was likely a group of women who came in the store on a busy halloween day an stole 32b to 34dd in assorted styles in a matter of seconds. they made it through undetected, no suspect description. >> angel fantasy. >> reporter: the bra is the company's newest design and they are not cheap. the high-end version costs $82. shoppers like maria aren't surprised. >> one bra you're talking about like $80, 50, so yeah... >> reporter: you can see why they stole them? >> oh, yeah.
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>> reporter: this is not the first time it's happened. thieves hit the same location just last friday and took $7,000 worth of bras again at the front of the store and made a quick exit. in palo alto, kiet do, cbs 5. san francisco's top lawyer wants proof monster energy drinks are safe for kids. according to the "new york times," city attorney dennis herrera has sent a letter to monster beverage demanding the company substantiate claims made in advertising that large daily doses of monster energy were okay for teenagers and adults. in a statement monster said the company can document it's products or properly labeled dietary supplements and third party scientific documentation substantiates their safety. several members of congress have asked the fda now to take action on energy drink safety. a big push to get more hispanics students thinking about college is happening today in the east bay. 400 high school students networked with business and community leaders at diablo
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valley college this morning for the annual narrowing the gap conference. >> and now what you see is a group of young people who say i'm ready to go. the difference is the attitude of the students, families and of the community that we want these children to prosper and to succeed. >> our very own roberta gonzales was the keynote speaker. she was the first person among her siblings to go to college. the conference's goal to encourage students to learn more about higher education. the new ipad mini is on sale finally today at apple stores all around the world but lines have been shorter than previous rollouts probably because of the price than other products on the market from amazon and google. today only the wi-fi version of the ipad mini is on sale. the cell model will be available next month. >> what do you think? >> i like it. but i haven't bought one. >> yeah. do you have an ipad? >> i do not but i thought
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those were cool. i don't like the real big ones. that seems funny when you see people taking pictures holding up these big screens. i was down at the tech museum of innovation today and they are having a science festival so we were doing the whole flew tog thing. that wasn't too bad. you can make your own down there and learn all about the arts and crafts down there making innovative new things. if it doesn't work, there are crashes like mine, just build it again. around the bay area today, we are looking at some sunshine and a few high clouds outside. the temperatures right now not too bad. 62 degrees in concord. 60 in livermore. 61 san francisco. and 61 degrees in san jose. as you head towards san jose, still hazy outside. it's taken a while for low clouds and fog to break up. we are still going to see clouds into the afternoon but motors of that will be high clouds. temperatures cooler at the coast with mild temperatures inland tonight low clouds and fog likely to make a return but what a weekend we have coming
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our way. cold front trying to move in before the ridge can build in so we are going to see a few high clouds this afternoon and that's it. then this ridge kicks into gear building this for the weekend and i think as we get into sunday we're talking about an offshore flow. that means the winds coming from the land and the sea and that means we'll heat up all the way to the coastline. for today we'll keep the temperatures down a bit but not bad. 72 in sacramento. 65 yosemite and 67 in lake tahoe. if you plan to travel around the bay today you will find sunshine and not bad temperatures 69 degrees in san jose, 70 morgan hill about 62 degrees in pacifica. and as you head toward the east bay 60s and low 70s this afternoon inside the bay a little cooler but the temperatures are fairly mild in san francisco at 64. 67 degrees in oakland. about 70 in santa rose. and 61 cool in daly city. the next couple of days we are going to be in for a banner weekend. lots of sunshine coming our way and very nice weather. in fact these temperatures warming up into the 80s in the hottest spots by sunday
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afternoon in the valleys maybe even some mid-80s by monday and tuesday. then we'll start to cool down wednesday and thursday. by the way, this is one of my favorite weekends of the year. daylight saving and that means we get to roll those clocks back an hour and get an extra hour of sleep. don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke alarms. >> we are going to call you a scientist but you are certainly not an engineers because air "karnopolis" we have an idea where it landed -- >> we have been grounded. it was fun. thank you. still ahead, he just cashed in for $4 billion but what's george lucas going to do with all that extra cash from disney? we are going to tell you. >> and she nearly missed a million-dollar deadline. where this woman found her winning lottery ticket just in the nick of time.
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its new.. and permanent hom. it'll take 12 hours for the shuttle to make the 10 miles the shuttle atlantis is making its way to its new permanent home. this is a live picture now. it will take 12 hours for the shuttle to make the 10-mile journey from nasa's vehicle assembly building at kennedy space center in florida to the center's visitors center. the big move is part of the shuttle's retirement ceremony. so lucky, i got to see one of the last shuttle launches of atlantis in may 2010. itches the closest you can get where the restaurant's -- i
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have the close every you can get -- i was the closest you can get where the astronaut's family sits. it traveled more than 125 million miles. it's going to have a new home soon. >> just soon. george lucas will make billions but he will give most of the money away after selling lucasfilm and other companies to disney. he said he will donate most of the sale to charity. one likely recipient may be his educational foundation or could create a new one with the money. he is joining fellow billionaires warren buffett and bill gates to give away most of their wealth. the winner of the super lotto is claiming her fortune with 25 days to spare. the southern california woman bought the $23 million winning ticket last may but she left it in her glove compartment and forgot t her daughter saw a surveillance photo of her on the news, texting her just in
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time. she plans to publicly identify herself today. that daughter, she should be rewarded. >> she is a rock star. >> she will be, i'm sure. learning english? listen to bob marley. a study ranks his music and lyrics at the top when it comes to help people improve their language skills specifically songs like no woman no cry, stir it up and one love were the most useful for enhancing and understanding the english language. respondents say music is more helpful than television and other sources. what you didn't see is these two doing a little reggae. >> were were dancing a little bit. coming up, they say she was their lucky monkey. now the san francisco zoo's orange haired good luck charm has a name to remember. >> if you have a consumer problem or question, just give
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you only have until december 7th to enroll.
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that's elizabeth.n. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. undercover investigation -- safeway sh . truffle butter lasts longer. truffles and oil actually rot. it's not supposed to be immersed in that kind of
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acidity. so we'll have it in butter. then the polenta is grilling and the butter actually melts on top. don't flip it once you add the butter. you'll burn it. >> with the brussels sprouts, you saute it and add water to soften it up. >> yeah. steams them a little bit and take out of bitterness of the sprout. >> what goes together with peanut butter is eggs. we'll put eggs on top of the polenta and truffle butter and on the other side a little bit of parsley. >> the tomatoes are going to add some juice. >> look how beautiful that is. ciao, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> that's tony's protege, his daughter. >> i know. >> nice job. an exclusive consumerwatch undercover investigation tonight. safeway shoppers overcharged again and again and again. how the store is supposed to make it up to you.
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that story and more coming up at 5. all right. a fremont feline has picked barack obama to win tuesday's election. this cat called mr. nuts is known for his ability to predict outcomes in a strange fashion. yup. it's in his litter box. when faced with two options of boxes, romney on the right, obama on the left, mr. nuts chose to do his business on the right. apparently it's a stamp of disapproval for the republican hopeful. mr. nuts has a short history of picking losers. owners say he foresaw the defeat of the pittsburgh steelers in super bowl xlv and the patriots the following year. so he has some credibility. >> mr. nuts is two for two. >> there you go. >> we'll see if he's right. who knows. well, the giants good luck charm at the zoo finally got a name. they are going to call him romo. >> perfect. >> like that. >> not mr. nuts. >> no. but the orange headed monkey was born during the nlcs series before the giants even made it
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to the world series and the team had nothing but success after her birth. she is named romo after giants closer sergio romo. zookeepers say the name fits with the little monkey's personality. >> i want to see the monkey's daddy. a redhead is unusual. >> i'm not part of this conversation. >> that's it for cbs 5 news at noon. captions by: caption colorado
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